Outside office

Outside office

June 14th, 2008  |  Published in Creative  |  1 Comment

Partly inspired by a photo competition (which we won … yayyy us!) and partly inspired buy me cleaning out my old computer office this shot was a LOT of fun for all involved.

We all met after work one summer evening and had an old computer desk, a computer chair, an complete pc and few accessories to complete our office.  We drove down to the lagoon and  set it all up, had a generator in the bushes and powered on. Shortly after we cranked up the generator and sparked life into the desklamp and computer the rain came in, we tooka  few shoots and grinned in anticipation of the computer going ‘BANG’. It was an old P2 so we wern’t terribly concerned for it’s well being.

Oustide office photo

After about 20 minutes the rain it stopped and the heavens opened givng us the most amazing sunset. We simply couldn’t have asked for a better! I set up a Canon 550ex flash gun mounted on a light stand and fired by a wireless trigger. Using a 10-20mm wide angle lens gave a real feel of being out int he open and aslo allowed the flash to casta  nice pool of light over subject. The resulting photos we were extremely happy with.

 Outside computer photo


computer on in the rain


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